November 29, 2020

Disavow all toxic and spammy backlinks to your website




You have been running a website for many years, and you have created many backlinks for the SEO of that website. But for some time now, you have noticed that your keyword rank is lagging. You don’t understand why it’s lagging. You’re thinking of backlinking something to your site that is reducing your site’s authority on Google. That’s why your site can’t go ahead in SEO. It would be best if you now disavow and after all the toxic backlink research.

You’ve backlinked private blog networks and extra spammy sites to get your site’s keywords ranked faster. Google identifies these backlinks as black hat SEO, and such backlinks have a much higher spam score. Your site will lose rank due to toxic and spammy backlinks and may get a penalty from Google. Keywords that have received penalties will never be ranked in Google again. That’s why site SEO should be done in the right way and never in a dishonest way.

Your site has received a penalty from Google or is lagging in SEO every day. You need to remove spammy backlinks on an urgent basis now. I will research the spammy links on your site and submit them to Google Disavow Tools to remove them. I always work through premium tools. If you need Disavow for spamming and bad backlinks, You can talk to me via Fiverr if you want.

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